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Classic Barre Class and Beach Yoga

Classic Barre 

This is our signature barre class which has a moderate pace, but clients will definitely feel the burn of their muscles strengthening and toning. Instructors will break down the pose in detail and provide level changing options so that everyone from the barre beginner to the more experienced “barre bee” will love this class! And all of our instructors choreograph their own routines and use their own music. No cookie cutter classes with repetitive music here!! You will never take the same class twice!

Beach Yoga in Spring Lake


Body Blast Beach Yoga Class

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga works deeply into our body with passive, longer-held poses.

It targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. This is contrast to a Yang yoga practice such as Vinyasa yoga which targets the muscles.

Energetically, Yin yoga improves the energy flow, enhancing the flow of chi in the organs. To be healthy, we need healthy organs as well as healthy muscles. Yin yoga also offers wonderful emotional and mental health benefits

Beach Yoga Fundamentals Class

Yoga Fundamentals

Yoga Fundamentals - We believe that all students can benefits from a fundamentals class and that the best way to build an authentic, strong and safe yoga practice is to begin with the basics and to always keep a beginner's mind. It is the alignment of the body in our asanas (poses) that keep us safe and allow us to achieve and enjoy the intended benefits of the pose. Without proper alignment there is risk of discomfort, frustration and even injury. Most students taking our vinyasa classes have never taken an introductory level class. Many have learned alignment from watching other students or best guessing it. As much as our teachers try to watch everyone in class, sometimes we are unable to give the detailed attention needed to every student. This is why we offer beginner level classes as an option for ALL yogis. Our fundamentals classes move slowly and include detailed instruction on alignment as well as gentle hands-on assists. They are a wonderful way to "re-learn" some of the basic poses and allow you to really focus on what is happening with your body and breath. You might be surprised to learn that you've been misaligned in many of your poses and this is the chance to correct those issues before they cause harm. For beginner's, this class is the very best way to begin a yoga practice. Starting with the basics allows you to build the strength, flexibility and knowledge needed to move forward with your practice safely and organically. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a class and being completely unfamiliar with what's going on. In addition to the alignment of the poses we discuss yoga etiquette and learn basic yoga breathing and meditation techniques.

Pilates Class and Beach Yoga


Pilate's goal is to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness. No matter what level of fitness a client is at, Karma Barre and Yoga's Pilate Classes help them gain flexibility and strength. Our classes promote physical and mental well-being and have the clients wanting to come back. 

Karma Flow Class and Beach Yoga

Karma Flow

Vinyasa is a practice that allows for an awakening of energy and exploration of your edges in a conscious way through movement and breath. This practice flows through a sequence of postures to improve strength, flexibility, and mind-body connection. In this class, the flow will be built upon foundational sequencing, with various modifications and/or enhancements offered for a range of new practitioners to advanced practitioners. Expect to be challenged and revitalized no matter what your experience level. Intermediate/advanced students will have the opportunity to work into deeper backbends, arm balancing, and inversions. All levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Flow Class and Beach Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

A more advanced level of our karma flow geared toward intermediate and advanced yogis.  This class' sequencing will move faster and include more advanced pose options. There is an inspiring pre-class meditation and a beautiful elongated savasana.  Expect to go a little over the one hour time slot.

Hot Karma Flow Class and Beach Yoga

Hot Karma Flow

Hatha (physical) yoga class, including pranayama (breathing), asanas (postures) taught in sequence to open up your chakras (energy centers) & finishing with final relaxation. These classes are taught in an intimate room heated by infrared ceiling panels and the room is heated to 90- 100 degrees.

Warm Karma Flow Class and Beach Yoga

Warm Karma Flow

Hatha (physical) yoga class, including pranayama (breathing), asanas (postures) taught in sequence to open up your chakras (energy centers) & finishing with final relaxation. These classes are taught in an intimate room heated by infrared ceiling panels.  The room is heated to 80 - 90 degrees.

Gentle Beach Yoga Fit Class

Gentle Yoga Fit

This non-intimidating and safe class combines gentle yoga poses, postures and stretches designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement with strength training using light weights, resistance bands and other props.  The class is designed for those who are new to exercise, returning to exercise, or the mature adult desiring to safely keep fit. Restorative breathing and a final relaxation help promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

Yogalates Class and Beach Yoga

Barre Express

A 45 minute classic barre class includes dance-inspired movements at the barre as well as free-standing and mat exercises utilizing a variety of props. All levels are welcome!

Barre Fusion Class and Beach Yoga

Flow Fusion

This class uses the ballet barre, yogic asana and pilates to perform muscular isolations that tone, build strength and increase flexibility. The perfect blend of standing and laying down Pilates, challenging core fat burn, sculpting, toning your entire body, improving your balance, confidence, strength, posture, and flexibility. This class is fun, encouraging and uplifting. Emphasis is placed on lengthening the muscles, burning fat, building strength and ending with total deep stretches with the assistance of the bar. A twist on the traditional Open Barre class. A faster flow will have your muscles shaking and your heart pumping, and your inner spirit glowing!

Booty Barre Class and Beach Yoga

Booty Barre

All of the same great features as our Classic Barre...stretching, strengthening, toning and low impact cardio...but with an emphasis on lifting and tightening that all-important derriere!  Take this class consistently and your rear view will be transformed!

Power Barre Class and Beach Yoga

Power Barre

A high-energy class that combines standard barre movements, weighted exercises, and cardio. This class takes our Classic Barre class to a more advanced level, combining elements of ballet, pilates and power yoga. Like our classic barre class, this total-body experience creates long, lean muscle mass and also helps build flexibility, balance, and core strength to support you in everything you do. 

Barrelates Class and Beach Yoga

Hot Sculpt

During this class, the room is heated with infrared heat set at 90 degrees. Join us as we flow through fluid movements that will sculpt your legs, arms, abs, and derriere.  The movements are low impact however you will sweat plenty so bring water,      a towel, and your mat!

Barre Fundamentals Class and Beach Yoga

Barre Basics 

This is the best class to start with if you are new to barre!  In this class, you will learn the basic movements of barre and move a pace slower than in the Classic or Power Barre classes.  However, you still feel the burn and shake of any barre class and get a great workout!

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