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  • Do I need to sign up in advance?
    Signing up in advance of the class time is suggested but not required. There are a few ways you can sign up in advance. You can go to our website, and then sign up through the "Schedule" tab, or you can sign up through the MINDBODY app on your phone. You can also just call the studio at 732 359 8787 and sign up over the phone!
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    We recommend that you bring your own mat if you have one. If not, we do have mats at the studio that are sanitized and available for use. In addition we suggest you bring a bottle of water and we have a water cooler for refills!
  • What should I wear to a class?
    Any clothing in which you can move freely and comfortably. Leggings, joggers, and lightweight sweatpants and tank or tee shirt are all fine. For footwear, you can take class barefoot or with a grippy sock unless the class schedule specifies to wear a sneaker. If you have a foot issue and need to wear an athletic shoe for class we only ask that it be a clean shoe worn indoors only.
  • I have an old injury to my back, knee, shoulder... etc., can I still take classes?"
    So long as your physician has cleared you for yoga, barre, mat pilates (whatever class you want to take), you can take class as there are modifications available. Be sure to tell your instructor of your injury so that she or he may suggest modifications for certain exercises or suggest that you not do certain poses at all.
  • I have never done any yoga or barre at all; what classes are good for me?
    You are in luck since our studio has many options for beginners! Any of the classes labelled Gentle Yoga would be great for you as well as our Yoga Fundamentals classes which are specifically geared for beginners. In addition, you also have the option of booking a few private yoga sessions in order to get familiar with poses and lingo, after which you can go right into the group classes! For Barre, we offer a Barre Basics class in which the movements are simple and the slowed pace of the class makes it easy to follow and keep up. However, even in our regular barre classes you can always take a break if you need one and then jump back in!
  • What if I am running late...can I still get into class?
    We have a 5 minute grace period for the yoga classes so please be on time as we will not be able to allow a client into the class once the grace period has expired. With regard to all other classes (barre, pilates etc.) you may show up late and still get into the class so long as you are courteous with entering the class and you set up in the least disruptive way.
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