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We believe that all students can benefit from a fundamentals class and that the best way to build an authentic, strong and safe yoga practice is, to begin with, the basics and to always keep a beginner's mind. It is the alignment of the body in our asanas (poses) that keep us safe and allow us to achieve and enjoy the intended benefits of the pose. Without proper alignment, there is risk of discomfort, frustration, and even injury.


Most students taking our vinyasa classes have never taken an introductory level class. Many have learned alignment from watching other students or best guessing it. As much as our teachers try to watch everyone in the class, sometimes we are unable to give the detailed attention needed to every student. This is why we offer beginner level classes as an option for ALL yogis. Our fundamentals classes move slowly and include detailed instruction on alignment as well as gentle hands-on assists. They are a wonderful way to "re-learn" some of the basic poses and allow you to really focus on what is happening with your body and breath. You might be surprised to learn that you've been misaligned in many of your poses and this is the chance to correct those issues before they cause harm.


For beginner's, this class is the very best way to begin a yoga practice. Starting with the basics allows you to build the strength, flexibility, and knowledge needed to move forward with your practice safely and organically. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a class and being completely unfamiliar with what's going on. In addition to the alignment of the poses, we discuss yoga etiquette and learn basic yoga breathing and meditation techniques.


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Treat your staff to a private yoga, barre or pilates class!  It is a great team building experience that allows co-workers to unwind, bond, do something healthy and just have fun together!  Groups are welcome to bring refreshments for a fireside apres class soiree!


Special acro yoga team building classes are also available.


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“Vinyasa and Vino” or "Barre and Bubbly": Book a private yoga or barre class for you and your friends! Then relax and enjoy a glass of wine or prosecco with your friends while sitting around our stone fireplace and/or shopping in our retail area!


Bring your own playlist to create the mood you want! This is a great way to celebrate a birthday, kick off a bachelorette night or weekend, or just take a break from kids and husbands! Do something good for yourself and have fun while doing it…better than hosting a party at home!​


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