Karma Barre™is a unique studio that combines the art of yoga and the technique of barre into one! 
Welcome to Karma Barre
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Karma Barre is a unique studio providing a haven for fun-fitness, barre, dance, yoga, and health workshops. We pride ourselves in providing a studio that has as much character as you. Our clients’ health and wellness is our driving force.
What is Barre?
Essentially, barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, and the moves are choreographed to motivating music. In each energizing and targeted workout, you’ll use the barre and exercise equipment such as resistance bands and small weights to sculpt, slim, tone and stretch your entire body.
Benefits of Yoga
- Quiets the mind -
- Increases flexibility -
- Improves muscle stamina -
- Creates balance for internal organs -
- Connects us with our true self -